Rewards Cards

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Shop and Earn up to 3%! Here's How it Works:

Get your Seaside Market Rewards Card at the store next time you shop by filling out the registration form, just ask at any cash register. You'll be issued a Seaside Market Rewards Card on the spot and you can start using it immediately. Every time you shop, present your Seaside Market Rewards Card to the cashier during checkout.

You'll earn a reward on your monthly purchases equal to the percentages below:

If your total monthly spending* is: Your reward** amount is:
$1 - $300 1% of total purchases*
$301 - $500 2% of total purchases*
$500+ 3% of total purchases*

* Rewards are calculated on all purchases except for the purchase of Seaside Market
Gift Cards and other exclusions listed herein. Using a Seaside Market Gift Card is eligible for rewards.
** Rewards are mailed 2 times a year to those that have accumulated at least $10 in rewards in the current year.