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Holiday Meals

Let our chefs prepare your holiday feast, with all the trimmings. Served chilled in aluminum pans with reheating and serving instructions.

The Complete Turkey Feast

Feeds 6+

Roasted Diestel Turkey12 lbs
Mashed Potatoes2.5 lbs
Traditional Stuffing2.5 lbs
Green Beans Casserole2 lbs
Candied Sweet Potato Mash2 lbs
Traditional Turkey Gravy32 oz
Fresh Cranberry Sauce12 oz
Fresh Turkey Broth18 oz
Hawiian Sweet Rolls1 dz
Fresh Pumpkin Pie1


Cardiff Crack™ Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip Feast

Feeds 6+

Grilled Cardiff Crack Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip
3 lbs
Mashed Potatoes
2.5 lbs
Candied Sweet Potato Mash
2 lbs
Green Bean Casserole
2 lbs
Roasted Fall Vegetables
2 lbs
Broccoli Gorgonzola Salad
2 lbs
Horseradish Cream Sauce
12 oz
Seaseide BBQ SauceBottle
Fresh Au Jus
12 oz
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
1 dozen
Fresh Pecan Pie1 whole


Vegan Meal

Feeds 2‑3+

Moroccan Chickpea Salad
1 lb
Roasted Japanese Sweet Potato
1 lb
Roasted Butternut Squash & Brussel Sprouts
1 lb
Vegan Lasagna with impossible meat
2 lbs


Hanukkah Meal

Feeds 6+

Matzo Ball Soup64 oz
Beef Brisket3 lbs
Potato Latkes with Sour Cream1 lb
Roasted Root Vegetables3 lbs
House made Apple Sauce12 oz
Challah Bread1 loaf


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