Cardiff Seaside Market's obligation and first priority is to support the needs of our local community. We do not donate to individuals and/or organizations outside of the store's local community. All requests will be evaluated and distributed based on certain criteria. Sorry, but we cannot grant every request.

Seaside Market Generously Support's these Organizations with your Shopping Dollars:

Cardiff Education Foundation

Strong Schools - Strong Community

PO BOX 1004

Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007


Friends of the Cardiff Library

Assisting the library's responsiveness to the needs of the Cardiff community and the expansion of library resources.

PO BOX 657

Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007


San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy

Preserving, Protecting & Enhancing the San Elijo Lagoon.


Cardiff Chamber of Commerce

Cardiff Botanical Society

Volunteers & Donations - Beautifying Our Community

PO BOX 552

Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007


We appreciate your business and encourage your support of these Cardiff Organizations

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