Produce Department

Cardiff Seaside Market enjoys a spectacular reputation for our impeccable standards in fresh fruits and vegetables. We pride ourselves in procuring the widest selection of fresh, exotic; gourmet and specialty produce by mixing local and regional offerings from around the world. We take pride in supporting our local growers to ensure you get only the best. We also feature organic and hard-to-find items. Remember, we are always available to answer any questions and handle special request

While many fruits and vegetables are available nearly all year round, you will get a better tasting product at a better price if you purchase produce "in season." Use this guide to help in selecting the highest quality produce available and know what fresh produce to plan in your next meal.

Produce Department Mission Statement

  • Excellent quality produce at a fair price.
  • A department you can be confident in.
  • Greater selection of local and organic produce.
  • Friendly faces and a knowledgeable staff.
  • Fruits and vegetables you can be proud to serve your family and friends.
  • Cardiff Seaside Market 's produce department wants you to expect the best.

- Tommy Such
  Produce Manager

Year-Round Produce

Avocados Cabbage Lemons Papayas
Bananas Carrots Lettuce Potatoes
Bell Peppers Celery Onions

Spring Produce

Apricots English Peas Limes Pea Pods Sweet Corn
Artichokes Fava Beans Mango Rhubarb Swiss Chard
Asparagus Fennel Morel Snow Peas Vidalia Onions
Broccoli Green Beans Mushrooms Spinach Watercress
Chives Honeydew Mustard Greens Strawberries
Collard Greens Lettuce Oranges Sugar Snap Peas

Summer Produce

Apricots Cherries Green Beans Peaches Tomatillo
Beets Crenshaw Melon Green Peas Persian Melons Tomatoes
Bell Peppers Cucumbers Honeydew Plums Watermelon
Blackberries Eggplant Kiwifruit Radishes Zucchini
Blueberries Figs Lima Beans Raspberries
Boysenberries Garlic Limes Strawberries
Cantaloupe Grapefruit Melons Summer Squash
Casaba Melon Grapes Okra Sweet Corn

Fall Produce

Acorn Squash Cauliflower Ginger Persimmons Swish Chard
Apples Celery Root Grapes Pineapple Turnips
Belgian Endive Chayote Squash Guava Pommegranate Winter Squash
Bok Choy Coconuts Kumquats Pumpkin Yams
Broccoli Cranberries Mushrooms Quince
Brussels Sprouts Diakon Radish Parsnips Rutabagas
Butternut Squash Garlic Pear Sweet Potatoes

Winter Produce

Apples Chestnuts Leeks Persimmons Sweet Potatoes
Belgian Endive Coconuts Mushrooms Pummelo Tangerines
Bok Choy Dates Oranges Radicchio Turnips
Brussels Sprouts Grapefruit Parsnips Red Currents Winter Squash
Cherimoya Kale Pear Rutabagas Yams